Who we are

We are your number one source for car care!
We are a world beyond a simple car wash!
We provide professional services for auto car detailing in the Boston area. We always put the customer first.
We demand only the most honest, quality, and pleasurable experience we can possibly give to each and every customer who chooses us.
All jobs big and small are treated alike and will be completed above satisfactory to our customers.

The owners of Professional Auto Detailing Center, Inc. are Leonardo Zefirino and Lucio Barretto.
Leo came to the US at the age of 18. His first job was with auto detailing. After 5 years in the area, he felt that he could provide better quality and services than he saw in the industry and, in 1998, he started his own business – Professional Auto Detailing Center.
Lucio has been in the US since 2002. With a background in economics and a passion for cars, he started working for the Quirk group right away. In 2008, he took over the car detailing services at Quirk, where he services to this date, and joined as a partner at Professional Auto Detailing Center.
Together, they have built a successful business in auto detailing and body work, committed to providing the finest services to every location, with a large team to backup operations and ensure our clients have the confidence and support to keep growing.